Bitsocial FAQ

How it works?

BitSocial is created for those who want to make money and for those who want to promote their project.

For each task in the social. network, you will receive an award in the form of EDC.

Tasks are easy, and it is convenient to perform them.

We have developed a service with many advantages, bringing profit to all participants in the process.

What social networks are connected?

Activity on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram and others will help you earn.

Likes, comments, watching videos, participating in surveys and have your tasks.

Cost of assignments

The cost of tasks and the frequency of updates depends on the advertiser.

More details on our social networks.

Section "Tasks tab"

In the Tasks tab you can see your activity on new, ready-made tasks, as well as in the process or failure to perform. If payment on the task is not received, check "in process" or "refusal." The execution algorithm is most likely violated. Try again.

Section "Advertising campaign"

Our service will help promote your project in social networks.

To advance you need to replenish the balance. This can be done using:

-EDC Blockchain





Then click โ€œorder promotionโ€

The social network selection field opens.

Currently available:






After selecting a social network, you must select the type of task from the proposed ones and send the bot a link to the page or channel

Then specify the required number of executions.

The next item, specify the reward

Next, check the parameters you specified and start the campaign by clicking the appropriate button or change the settings

Section "your wallet"

In this section, you can see your balance and the same amount against the dollar at , see frozen funds for tasks "in progress" in standby mode and also make a deposit and withdrawal of funds to the wallet

To register a wallet, use the link

The name of your wallet will be used to get coins when withdrawing

Section "Affiliate program"

You can create a link to invite potential partners, study statistics and view other information. You are charged up to 40% of the earnings of your referrals:

15% - from referrals 1๏ธโƒฃ level.

5% - from referrals 2๏ธโƒฃ level.

5% - from referrals level 3๏ธโƒฃ

15% of the total value of orders of personally attracted advertisers

Give your referral link to partners and start making money with them!

Section "bitsocial"

In this menu you can get acquainted with our social networks as well as ask 24/7 question you are interested in in the @BitSocialSupportBot bot

Section "settings"

You yourself can change your personal information, disable / connect the social network and enable or disable notifications from the bot and change language


You can replenish the balance in one of the ways. You can choose the most convenient for you. Accepted for payment btc, eth,ltc, edc or using the payment system

EDC replenishment

To replenish the balance in the EDC, send coins to bitsocial-robot. In the note (field MEMO), indicate "Deposit account ****** BitSocial in the Telegram chat bot." You will receive an alert

BTC ETH LTC replenishment

Make a deposit by the required amount in ETH,LTC or BTC to the specified address or by QR code, and it will be converted automatically into the EDC, after which it will go to your wallet. You will receive an alert


To withdraw funds, go to the main tab and click the button โ€œYour walletโ€ - โ€œwithdrawal of fundsโ€.

The withdrawal will be available at the minimum amount.

After receiving this amount on the balance, you must specify the amount entered and press "ENTER"

Then you need to specify an email to confirm the transaction. You will receive an email with a code (possibly in the spam folder)

After you need to specify your phone number (via telegrams), using the button

After that, enter your wallet name on and also confirm the operation by pressing "ENTER"

You will receive a notification "the application has been created and you will receive a message after processing the payment"

Requirements to social network account of the user:

There are conditions that must be followed for the successful connection of social networks for the further fulfillment of paid social tasks:


โ–ช๏ธ Subscribers (readers) - 100

โ–ช๏ธ Avatar per page

+ 10+ tweets to have


โ–ช๏ธ Subscribers (readers) - 100

โ–ช๏ธ Avatar per page

+ 20+ posts to have


โ–ช๏ธ Subscribers (readers) - 100

โ–ช๏ธ Avatar per page

+ 10+ posts to have


โ–ช๏ธ From 100 friends

+ 10+ posts

Rules of the assignment:

Rules of execution of tasks:

Requirements for performers

Tasks performer - a user who performs tasks

All working accounts undertake to have a photo and @username.

It is forbidden to have a vague username and names containing profanity, example: @fgfdrth

It is forbidden to use third-party programs, sites or scripts to automate the work with the bot.

Social networks can be replaced directly in the settings of the bot.

It is forbidden to use social network profiles without activity or with a minimum number of friends, as well as clones of other people's profiles, bots, several accounts (including an EDC wallet)

The cost of performing tasks in the bot can change without notifying users.

After completing the tasks, the system will daily check your presence on the advertiserโ€™s channel. Penalty for unsubscribe - 20 EDC for one task

About comments:

When posting comments, it is prohibited to use profanity and offensive language.

When posting comments, it is prohibited to leave referral links.

Comments must be unique and relevant to the topic of the post.

Job placement rules

Requirements for customer:

Customer - the user who places the job undertakes

Payment for tasks is made only in EDC (input is possible using EDC Blockchain, BTC, LTC, payment systems Coinpayments, Free-kassa, Interkassa and Payeer)

It is forbidden to order advertising projects containing direct or indirect mention of drugs, pornography, politics, racial discrimination and other goods and services prohibited by law

During order execution, you cannot change the username of the channel and remove the bot from the channel administrator and / or change its rights.

Order promotion of telegram channels containing information about third-party bots

In case of violation of advertising rules, the channel will be removed from the promotion and the user will be blocked.

Our contacts

You can contact support and get advice on any issue in the telegram chat

Questions and suggestions regarding the operation of the service you can send by mail

Commercial offers

You can discuss questions on earnings and new directions for bot development in our forum.

Chat with like-minded people

Chat with like-minded people

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